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Frequently asked questions about MemberThingy


Where does MemberThingy and my data live?

How is my data backed up?


How do I put an MemberThingy on my site?

I don't want to put it on my site. Can you host my MemberThingy for me?

My MemberThingy is all squished

I don't see a gallery on my site, it just says Loading... with a twirly thing.

How do I get it to work in Wordpress?

Pricing & Tokens

What's a token, what do they cost and how do I get them?

How do tokens work?

How do I know if I still have enough tokens?

Other questions

Yep - sure. There will be more questions. And more answers. We'll be adding them as they come in! In the mean time: if you have a question, contact us - by phone or email. We'd love to hear from you!

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